About Us

Welcome to Catcophony!

Catcophony grew out of a desire for unique jewelry with simplified lines. You will not find elaborate or ornate designs here. What you will find is wearable art as unique as you are. All Catcophony's jewelry and accessories are handcrafted and most are one-of-a-kind. All are limited edition.

Trying new techniques, finding new applications for materials and practices, and developing alternative approaches to jewelry fabrication are some of the motivating energies behind Catcophony.

Catcophony's jewelry is crafted using silver (sterling and fine), copper, brass, and gold-plated or gold-filled metals, titanium, semi-precious stones, precious metal clay, polymer clay and glass (Swarovski crystals and other fine glasses). Who knows what else you might find as I experiment with new materials and techniques?